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Module de bouton ABS remplaçable à chaud
Module de bouton ABS remplaçable à chaud
Module de bouton ABS remplaçable à chaud
Module de bouton ABS remplaçable à chaud
Module de bouton ABS remplaçable à chaud

    Module de bouton ABS remplaçable à chaud

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      Aluminum knob cover + +Silicone knob base + Knob switch

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      Different colors, different forms, maybe with carvings (Skyrim Logo, Samurai helmet). I would love to hear about that

      MD Shadmanul Haque

      Hot Swappable Knobs Madule For ABS Kit

      Nader Henein
      Love it

      I can add and remove knobs from my keyboard at will and that gives me flexibility with workloads and it adapts to the way I work rather than me adapting to my hardware.

      Great seller. Poorly designed keyboard knobs...

      These thing break A LOT.
      I built 3 keyboards (game, work, general use) and while going through layout design stages I went through LOTS of knobs. Now, dont get me wrong, the knobs are the entire reason I bought from skyloong and the functionality is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
      That said, when you try to remove the knob from the switch base, they break most of the time. So, unless you know exactly how you want your board layout to be - figure it out before you order.
      I'd say 2/3 to 3/4 switches break when you pull em. I've had to order probably 20 extra switches in total across the 3 boards I've built while testing setups. That's a lot of money, which ends up chipping away at the value

      Very Very Good Keyboard With Meh Software, But Not Gasket Mounted.

      The Skyloong GK75 is a great board. It comes heavily modified already with dampening and lube. The lube job on the switches is done well with only the Enter key being overlubbed. For me the selling point of this board was the modular knob spots on the board. I am left handed and wanted a knob on the left Esc key. I ended up with 3 knobs and they are great. It also comes with a split space bar with split keycaps. I haven't yet switched that out. Works with Windows and Mac with a button on the bottom to switch inbetween.

      The only gripe that I have had with is it the software. It is proprietary to work with the knob support. Unfortunately it isn't as intuitive to navigate the software as I would assume. The key assignment has some UX issues with pop up tabs. The what you would think would be the LED menu is greyed out on the one you use, so you have to set it in a different "profile" then choose between those options in your other profiles. You can do your own custom lighting profiles in a different section of the software then go back to the standard profile and apply it. All together it just seems like the UX could be better streamlined.

      Overall it is a great board and would be a 5/5 if it wasn't for the software experience. The software isn't unusable, but it does take time to learn and it's not intuitive. Once I got around to navigating it this is my dream board. I didn't find another keyboard to fit my wants.