Assemble a series of various keycaps, switches, and keyboard cases to customize a custom keyboard that is unique to you in the world.

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Solar System

solarsystem theme keyboard
  • Bluetooth 5.0

    Seamlessly connects three devices at once, and easily switch between devices for efficient multitasking and speedy performance.

  • 4000Mah Battery

    4000Mah battery can run uninterruptedly for 190 hours without turning on the lights when the battery is fully charged, which is about 8 hours a day and can be used continuously for 23 days.

  • PBT Material

    PBT is more textured and matte finish compared with ABS keycap.The hard and thick material makes keycap strikes sound crisper and cleaner

  • Hotswap Keyboard

    The hot swappable keyboard which is compatible with 99% mechanical switches. DIY an exclusive keyboard according to your preferences.

Solar System GK61/68/84/96 Keyboard

Know more about solar system theme keyboard in this video.