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It‘s good, But don't play game with Bluetooth mode.

Overall, this keyboard is much more sturdy with little to no flex. However, your experience will vary based on the switch you decide to go with. I went with the Gateron Brown version which is scratchy and squeaky galore like nails on a chalkboard. If you’re into that “thock” sound, you will find yourself extremely disappointed as these switches offer a very hollow typing experience. Will be returning for a different switch type. These switches might be fine if you aren’t a keyboard enthusiast who pays attention to the small details. For me, the browns have very little tactility, not as bad as the Cherry MX Browns, but they do just feel like super scratchy linears. The Bluetooth is alright but should not be used for gaming because it’s not as reliable as using it wired.

Overall it's a great keyboard

I wanted to share my impressions of the JIUWEI, and I am writing this review on the JIUWEI, because this keyboard is truly a pleasure to type on.
The keyboard arrived yesterday and here are my initial impressions. The keyboard has impressive build quality and is much heavier than expected. Even though the keyboard has a plastic frame this thing is solid! Typing on the keyboard is a joy. I got the brown switches since they are supposed to be good for typing but more quiet than the blues.
Setting up bluetooth was not easy and took a couple attempts but this was due to user error as I pressed the wrong function key. Bluetooth appears to be working well now with no noticeable lag.
One nice thing about the JIUWEI is that it comes with extra keycaps and a keycap puller so you can customize it a bit. I changed out my escape key with one of the extra keycaps and it was an easy process.
The split space bar brings great convenience to my work and increases my typing efficiency. But setting up the split spacebar functionality via the keyboard driver was complicated, and I watched video tutorials over and over again to finally get it set up.
Overall I am really pleased with this keyboard and recommend this keyboard to others looking for a more satisfying typing experience. The one caveat I would say is know that this keyboard is not quite as plug and play as some more mainstream keyboards. There is a small learning curve to learn how all the features work but well worth it in my opinion.

Love it

The design really impressed me! And the switches are so tactile and smooth.

Good performance

I followed up on this brand for a while and didn't let me down. Keycaps are well made and overall performance is comfortable.

Highly recommend

It is my first 60% layout keyboard, so I still have to adapt myself to the absence of key arrows and other commands, but besides this, the keyboard is terrific and really useful if you are using it on a laptop that you are moving all the time (the size is just good).
The quality of the design is excellent, and the RGB is pretty neat. Sounds pretty good for my taste (yellow switches).
I'm in Brazil, and it arrived within ten days after placing the order, so great!

Good quality and much love for the appearance!!

Really love the keycaps and the typing sound is awesome!

Great Keyboard

The keycaps and keyboard are great quality. My only complaint is that they placed their own brand switches under the space, shift, enter, and back space keys. I requested gaetron brown switches so I expected that to be under all the keys.

Qualified hot swappable keyboard

I bought this board mainly because I was curious for its hot swappable feature without expecting too much from it, so here's my honest review:

The keyboard comes in regular box that says SKYLONG accross in silver letters with no hints of expressing quality. The board comes with a few accessories including a key cap puller, a switch puller, a good quality braided USB C cable and 3 extra key caps (control, options, command). An additional pouch or dust cover would have been nice to have but considering the price I am not complaining.

The build quality of the keyboard is OK. The housing is made of plastic and feel rather cheap with barely any dampening material. Also the back plate feels of subpar quality could benefit from dampening material. The switches I chose were Gateron Black and these switches are very smooth and have 60 grams of actuation force which for gaming and typing I prefer over the Gateron Reds or Brown so no complains about the switches.

In conclusion to me the selling point of this board is the hot swappable switches. I think this board is perfect for gamers or students who are on a budget and are curious to find the perfect switch for gaming. We are finally in the era where hot swappable keyboards can be very affordable

Truely Impressive

I absolutely love this little 60%. I got mine with the grey keycaps and gateron black switch. I cant believe how cheap this board is for how nice it is. I've already taken this board apart and put it back together multiple times, and every time its been a breeze.

Not bad

Good shipping and packaging

My lovely keyboard

nice typing experience and customizable RGB backlight very nice

Great keyboard for price

The only thing I want to complain about is that the keyboard driver is too complicated to use.

Νικόλας Παπαχρηστου

I never thought I'd buy a keyboard this way!!! I think this must require a strong production supply chain to provide these keyboard parts and assemble these keyboards.


prefer it to be more hot swappable as they switches are really hard to pull out

good value for price

The quality of the keyboard is really good, and it has all the functions that a mechanical keyboard should have. Compared to other stores, such keyboards will be more expensive. The only downside is that the manual is too complicated

Nice keyboard, good shipping

Unexpectedly arrived in ten days, and the packaging is very well.
The switches came factory pre-lube and gives a great feeling. I love it

Absolutely deserve this price

I was very satisfied with the packaging when I receive my keyboard.
The keyboard appearance is the main reason that made me place the order, but the main piece was the keyboard quality and bringing me a nice typing experience. It absolutely deserves this price.
Would like recommend it to my friends.


Nice product

Nice product and deserve the price

Akshay Kankanmeli
Silicone keycap

My first silicone keycap, high profile and soft hand feeling. Nice

Nice typing experience

The silver switch triggers really fast, which is a bit unaccustomed to people like me who are used to using the blue switch and the black switch. But the hand-feeling is very good, and the hands will not feel tired after long-term typing

I love the RGB light!!!

Nothing else to say. This is my coolest keyboard.

Perfect keyboard, love it.

Very comfortable factory pre-lubrication, the overall typing feel is very smooth, and the typing sound also sounds very nice.
There are many built-in RGB lighting effects, plus customizable macro programming and full-key hot swapping, which is highly customizable and playable.
The glacier silver switch I chose has a short key travel and a bit light trigger pressure, so there will be a little mis-touch.
However, its own exclusive gasket structure and soft silicone interlayer have significantly improved hand comfort for typing and gaming.