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Blue Enchantress
SKYLOONG GK75 Rainbow Mechanical Knob Keyboard

    SKYLOONG GK75 Rainbow Mechanical Knob Keyboard

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      | Skyloong O-Ring Mount Gasket |

      The Skyloong O-Ring Mount Gasket is a high-quality mechanical keyboard accessory designed to improve the typing experience and reduce noise.

      This gasket is made from durable and flexible materials that can withstand intense typing sessions and provide a comfortable feel. The gasket is designed to fit snugly around the keys of your mechanical keyboard and create a barrier to avoid hard contact between the keys and the base of the keyboard.

      This helps to reduce the sound of typing and create a more pleasant typing experience.


      | Hot-Swappable PCB For Switch and Knobs |

      The Hot-Swappable keyboard is a type of computer keyboard that allows users to swap individual key switches without having to disassemble the entire keyboard.

      This feature makes it easy to customize the keyboard and replace damaged or worn-out switches without having to replace the entire device.

      The hot-swappable mechanism also allows users to adjust the feel and responsiveness of the keys to their individual preferences.

      This keyboard is ideal for gamers and typists who are looking for a high-performance and customizable typing experience.


      | PBT Top and ABS Transparent Bottom, GK7 Profile |

      The Rainbow design provides a unique look for the keyboard.
      The pudding transparent keycap is a unique and stylish keycap that provides a sleek and modern look to your keyboard.

      The keycap is made of PBT surface and ABS transparent material, the PBT material is known for its durability and resistance to shine, while the ABS material allows the backlit light to shine through, providing a unique look.

      GK7 profile keycaps are shorter and less sculpted compared to other profiles such as Cherry or OEM.

      The keycaps in the GK7 profile have a uniform height and a flat surface, making them easier to clean and less prone to accumulating dirt and grime.


      | USB+Bluetooth+2.4G |

      The tri-mode wireless keyboard is a versatile and convenient device that allows users to switch between different connectivity options with ease, making it a universal keyboard.

      The multi-connectivity and multi-device compatibility makes it a must-have for any tech-savvy individual looking to improve their workflow.



      | 8 Chips Mainboards |

      32-bit M3 MCU
      8M flash memory
      3 channels 256 levels RGB color management chips
      3 channels high-speed I/O extend chips


      | Skyloong Glacier Mechanical Switch |

      glacier & chocolate switch features



      CLICK ME



      GK7 Rainbow Keycaps
      Gradient Pink Keycap






      SKYLOONG Keyboard
      Dustproof  Cover
      2.4G Dongle
      USB Adapter
      Type-C Cable
      Keycap&Switch Puller
      Knob Module  
      Two Extra Switches     
      Warranty Card
      Instructional Manual




      CASE MATERIAL: Black Transparent ABS
      PLATE MATERIAL: Steel 👉Click for More Keyboard Plates
      STRUCTURE: Soft Silicone Lite Gasket
      KEYCAPS: PBT Material, GK7 Profile 👉Click for More Keycaps
      SWITCH: Glacier Mechanical Series (Pre-Lube)

      👉Click for More Keyboard Switches

      STABILIZER: Pre-lubed


      HOT SWAP: Support 3-pin and 5-pin Switches and Knob Modules 👉Click for More Keyboard Knobs
      CONNECTION: Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4G Wireless / Type-C to USB connection 👉Click for Coiled Keyboard Cable
      SIZE: 322.5 * 141 * 35.5&41mm
      WEIGHT: About 960g
      LAYOUT: ANSI 👉Click for Full Size Version

      Customer Reviews

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      Liviu C

      It’s all good

      The quality of robber pads under can be better, need so improvement, better quality.

      Happy with my first mechanical keyboard!

      MD Shadmanul Haque

      SKYLOONG GK75 Rainbow Mechanical Knob Keyboard