As the power forward and appearance leader of your desk setup, what kind of keyboard can be called ‘’Perfect‘’?

The answer varies from person to person.

To this point, Skyloong carried out the best solution-Do It Yourself. Simply select every single part you like, and put them together, to build the keyboard to your taste.
But the dizzying array of categories to sift through and the complicated manual assembly keep most people out.
Is there an easier way for the fresh keyboard enthusiasts to complete it with several easy clicks on the screen?

Yes, Skyloong team is exploring this possibility with:

1. The pioneer of the original design
We synchronize a variety of thematic designs, and our exclusive design team will release new series each week, only in this place.

2. Adequate inventory of a variety of accessories
We cover 61, 68, 84, 96-key sets, and other compact sets. 30 types of cases, 56 kinds of switches of different brands and strengths, and 40 different styles of keycaps offer 3688 collocation possibilities.

3. Intuitive customization experience
For every single accessory you selected, our website will generate the actual look immediately. What you see is what you get!

At this moment, the Skyloong team, based in Shenzhen, China, has been working in the field of computer peripherals and chip- development for 19 years, supplying hundreds of millions of chips to the whole industry.
Seven years ago, after accumulating hundreds of patents, we started to invest in our factory production line to do the whole manufacturing of keyboards.
The core design team, also in just over a year, completed more than 30 original designs full of imagination.

Now we established our official website:, to dedicate a special keyboard customization journey to our customers.

Folks! The future of customized keyboards has come, waiting for your participation!