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75% Keyboard Layout

SKYLOONG GK75 keyboard series includes the optical hot-swappable version, the mechanical hot-swappable version, and GK75 ABS/CNC kits. 

The optical version is the best gaming keyboard for your choice. Which brings you a faster and more responsive gaming experience with optical switch.

The mechanical version is a knob keyboard that supports three modes and six hot-swappable knobs to our GK75 keyboard. 

The SKYLOONG GK75 CNC Aluminum keyboard kit includes four(4) hot-swappable knobs in package. But also supports six hot-swappable knobs and three modes.

All the knobs on GK75 keyboard series can be programmed by skyloong keyboard driver to customize the knob function as your career or gaming habit.


SKYLOONG GK75 Optical Keyboard


SKYLOONG GK75 "DARK TALE" Mechanical Knob Keyboard


SKYLOONG GK75 Dual Knobs Keyboard - Memphis


SKYLOONG GK75 Knob Keyboard - TiGrey (Optical)


SKYLOONG GK75 Knob Keyboard - TiGrey (Mechanical & Hot-Swappable Knob)


SKYLOONG GK75 ISO Layout Knob Keyboard - Miami Night(Optical)


SKYLOONG GK75 Double Shot - GreyWhite (Optical)


SKYLOONG GK75 Knob Keyboard - BluePink(Optical)


SKYLOONG GK75 Knob Keyboard - BluePink (Mechanical & Hot-Swappable Knob)