SKYLOONG  GK61 - Coral Sea

    SKYLOONG GK61 - Coral Sea

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      The coral sea theme keyboard is inspired by "Ukiyo-e", from the Kanagawa waves in "The Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" written by Mr. Katsushika Hokusai. There are three forge ahead boats in the waves. The heroic boatmen are trying to survive and nature. The thrilling and fierce battle expresses the fearless spirit of people to ride the wind and waves and move forward bravely.

      Product Features:

      • Dye-sub PBT material and OEM profile keycap
      • SKYLOONG Lite Gasket
      • Replaceable space
      • Hot-swappable
      • 16.8 million RGB
      • 3 devices connect
      • SKYLOONG keyboard driver available
        Package Includes:

        SKYLOONG Keyboard
        Type-c cable
        Keycap puller
        Switch puller
        Random Gift (Keycaps or Switches)
        Instructional Manual

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        No item

        The purchase did not arrive. Neither did I recieve any information about it, or even if it's shipped. I sent two emails and got no reply.

        Hilel Bokovza

        SKYLOONG GK61 - Coral Sea

        Filip Ostrowski

        SKYLOONG Coral Sea GK61/68/84/96 Mechanical Keyboard

        Gaël MEZIERES
        Great KB, worth it for the price

        Got myself GK61 wireless and so far i'm very happy with it. I don't wanna change much in terms of layout and lightning effects so i'm just using it stock for now. The keyboard arrived very quickly and is of very good quality, especially for that kind of price. I'm not into hardcore mech KB modding so I'm def not gonna be as picky as some other people I'm sure, but the glacier brown switches are good enough for me. It takes some time getting used to but it's plenty good for what I need. I thought it'd be a bit more silent but that's not exactly an issue. I wish they would advertise on what kind of use they recommend each of their key for.

        I had no trouble connecting my wireless KB to my computer using a Bluetooth dongle (I used BT 4.0 not knowing which one the KB supports). Without having to install and use the software I can easily switch between all premade functions on the KB and that is great, no complaint regarding that. The KB cable is okay, not the best but it's still plenty good yet I wish they'd offer different colors to go along with the KB.

        Overall very happy and recommend it ++

        great board but...

        The good:
        The build quality is solid, the keycaps and RGB are nice, and the split spacebar is surprisingly useful. Skyloong also did a decent job with lubing stabilizers (the ones needed for split spacebar needed manual lubing though). The case filled with dampening material makes switches sound thocky.

        The bad:
        The glacier brown switches I opted for were really strange for me to use. Don't get me wrong, they aren't bad, just not my cup of tea (i am a fan of akko's lavender purples and recently also kalih box silent browns). Their saving grace is that they were a lot cheaper than if i were to buy this board with different ones.
        It's very hard not to bottom out when using them and in rythm games i play caused me to miss some of rapid presses. The board is hotswap though so I was able to come back to my preferred ones.
        Also, the delete key should be in place where pause key is by default, and that's a hill I'm willing to die on.
        The software is rather mediocre, there's no linux version, the base layer is not able to be re-programed (and it has mac layout by default), setting up lighting is pure pain and there's no option to set it per layer. the linux issue and base layer were solved by using unofficial software that i found on github, but I was still not able to set lighting per layer.
        The included usb cable is very "meh" quality.

        The ugly:
        I bought the bluetooth version but I was not able to connect it to any of 4 bluetooth equipped devices that I own. So now I have a feature that i paid for but can't use, and will eventually have to dissemble the keyboard to get rid of the battery before it starts to swell due to constant charging when using plugged in.

        Overall, I think that this board is well worth the money if you're willing to deal with it's software. Just don't buy the wireless version.


        Skyloong O-Ring Mount Gasket is a exclusive patent from Skyloong, which uses flexible connection and plane fixation. It offers the stability of keyboard support around and in the middle, and also provides a more stable overall structure. The unique design of the gasket avoids the hard contact between the screw and the positioning plate to make unpleasant noise.

        3 RGB control chips, support to adjust 16.8 million color RGB lights; 1 8M flash chip, 1 M3 MCU. These five chips endow the SKYLOONG keyboard with distinctive features. According to your own habits and hobbies, you can adjust the functions and lighting effects of the keyboard, such as keys replacement, RGB lighting DIY, and macro setting and saving. Let your keyboard not only customize the appearance but also the function customization.



        I was often suffer from interruptions in my smooth typing rhythm, which can greatly reduce productivity. The main reason is that our thumbs have to leave the SPACE key to press CTRL/FN/SHIFT/DELETE, etc. Therefore, SKYLOONG's designer came up with the concept of changing a SPACE key to three. Just imagine, change the SHIFT key to the LEFT SPACE key, you can use your thumb to enter some symbols while your hand remains in the same position. And change the most frequently used DELETE key to the RIGHT SPACE key. This is a huge help in improving your typing efficiency and typing rhythm. This change requires our skyloong keyboard driver. Continue to scroll down to see a video on how to use the keyboard driver to set up the three SPACE keys.



        Become a true switch expert by customizing your keyboard with the hot-swappable sockets. With the PCB that supports both 3 pin and 5 pin MX mechanical switches, you can swap between different types of switch without soldering. You'll be able to customize your keyboard to your favorite feel!


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