How to use VIA for programming your keyboard

de SKYLOONG em August 11, 2023

1. How to remap a key on VIA

1.1 Please connect your keyboard using our cable. Once connected, please click here to open the VIA.

1.2 Please download the appropriate keymap JSON file. If the VIA fail to authorize your keyboard, since it takes time for Github to approve our VIA code submission, result in some keymap JSON files may not be automatically recognized.

1.3 Please this link to find your corressponding keymap JSON file.

1.4 Once you have downloaded the keymap JSON file, please go to the VIA, and turn on the "Show Design tab" in the "Settings" tab. (If it's already on, skip this step.)

1.5 Drag the JSON file into the “Design” tab on the VIA, then you can back to Configure tab and start to remap keys function.

1.6 On the Configure tab, select the KEYMAP section, and click on the key that you want to program, and the key will then flash slowly. Click on a key you want to remap in the BASIC/MEDIA/MACRO/LAYERS/SPECIAL/QMK LIGHTING/CUSTOM section. And it's done.

Please watch the video guide below.

2. How to create a macro on VIA?

A macro is a combination of keys pressed simultaneously to execute a specific function. With programming, you can assign that function to a single key for easier access.
For example, you can set a key as a macro can simplify password entry.

2.1 Go to MACROS on the bottom left of the Configure tab. 

 Macro position on VIA interface

2.2 The function of the first tab is to record the process of your keyboard input and save it as a macro

macro recording tab in VIA

 2.3 In this tab, you can directly enter text

macro text enter directly

2.4 Once you have recorded the macro properly, you return to the keymap interface. Click the macro in the lower right corner and select the key you want to modify on the keymap. So now, you can use the key as macro

3. How to set the combination keys on different layer

Layer 0: Windows Layer (Standard Layer), Layer 2: Windows FN Layer

Layer 1: Mac Layer, Layer 3: Mac FN Layer

3.1 Go to the appropriate system layer (Layer 2/3).

FN combination setup on VIA

So now you can set the combination right now. as simple as setting on Layer 0, click on the key that you want to program, and the key will then flash slowly. Click on a key you want to remap in the BASIC/MEDIA/MACRO/LAYERS/SPECIAL/QMK LIGHTING/CUSTOM section.

4. How to configure your split spacebar & knob on GK61 Pro

4.1 Click the layout at the bottom left of the configuration tab(1.) and click the botton to enable the split_space + Encoder(2.)

 gk61 pro layout in VIA

 Then you will get a GK61 Pro keymap with split spacebar and knob.

GK61 Pro keymap with split spacebar and knob in VIA

 4.2 Knob function configuration guide

For instance, I usually use the knob function as arrow key, the right space as backspace.

The easiest part is configure the right space as backspace. 

Click the right space and choose the backspace below while the right space flashing.

setup the right space on gk61 pro in VIA

Then click the knob switch to the knob setting interface.

gk61 pro knob function setup

The key point is coming~

You will find these functions are RGB setting after you click the Rotate Counterclockwise /  Rotate Clockwise / Press Encoder.

You need to find appropriate codes to configure functions in QMK basic keycodes page

For example, I will set the Rotate Counterclockwise as Left arrow, the Rotate clockwise as right arrow, the Press Encoder as Enter key.


Left Arrow: KC_LEFT

Right Arrow: KC_RGHT

Enter: KC_PENT

You can just copy and paste the keycodes above into appropriate position and confirm. 

gk61 pro knob function configuration

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de Toshiya Uesugi em August 22, 2023

Is the GK75 compatible with VIA?
If so, please let me know where to download the GK75 json file.


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