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Samet Cabuk

The keyboard is really good and easy to use, really amazing to play with !

GK61 - DOLCH with brown switches – Best keyboard

Best keyboard for professional writers.

Hot Swappable Knobs Madule For CNC Aluminum Kit


More colors would be awesome (green, yellow, gold, silver or more) and gaming themes maybe Skyrim (black), Red dead redemption (red), ghost of Tsushima (white), the legend of Zelda (green)


Different colors, different forms, maybe with carvings (Skyrim Logo, Samurai helmet). I would love to hear about that

Israel Helfman


SKYLOONG GK75 Knob Keyboard - TiGrey (Optical)

I love the Skyloong GK87 Pro

It’s a very nice and intuitive keyboard, but I hope there comes more functionality for the display, like a PC-Status or a weather display and is there a chance to get more accessory kits for that keyboard? Maybe a Skyrim, Witcher, Cyberpunk, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Legend of Zelda or a Ghost of Tsushima (Samurai) themed package? Or more colours for the knobs and magnetic covers, in Gold, silver, yellow, green or olive? I want more customisation for that beauty, I would love to hear about something in the future

It’s all good

The quality of robber pads under can be better, need so improvement, better quality.

Happy with my first mechanical keyboard!

Universal and original

I like to share with you, through one of my YouTube videos, my experience on these silicone keycaps by Skyloong. I initially applied them on a KBParadise V60 R, but recently I transferred them to a bamboo body, and therefore I confirm that they would look good on any material and shape. YouTube video placeholder


SKYLOONG GK61 - Coral Sea

Carlos Rodríguez Caro
I haven't received the product yet

When will my product arrive?

awesome keyboard

just as other reviews. i love the keyboard. super awesome

Hot Swappable Knobs Madule For ABS Kit

Great little keyboard!!

This keyboard looks fantastic and sounds great. Split space bar is perfect for gaming as I can rebind the second half to whatever key I want.

Marina Kamhagi
15 da6s

Good stuff👍

SKYLOONG GK75 Rainbow Mechanical Knob Keyboard

Great Quality

The keyboard is very heavy and well put together, has a nice sound and fast response to clicks limiting the effort needed making it better for gaming than most keyboards on the market for higher costs.

What the fuck

They’re dead silent I can’t hear shit, I didn’t really think that was possible but I literally got what I want thank yall

Love it

This keyboard is my first dive into 96% mechanical keyboards and I'm in love. The shipping details took a while to load onto my local postage handlers but the staff at Skyloong helped me out quickly. Will definitely be buying from them again soon.

Order not delivred

My order has still not arrived. I need help, maybe try an other shipping?

Works amazing and I am very happy!

Paul Sturm
great product, just as expected

great product for a great price, the manual is not perfrect but i understood everything, so 5 stars since the keyboard is really awesome

Great Keyboard, Meh Software

This is the first time I've bought what I might consider to be a prebuilt keyboard on a little more of the budget side, and I am rather impressed. Right out of the box, the thing is ready to go. Initially I was a little bit iffy on purchasing w/ the Skyloong brand switches, as there was very little talk about them online. In fact, I intended to most likely swap the switches out immediately. I went with the Skyloong Chocolate Rose Switches, though, and am actually very happy with them. They are nice, thunky, tactile switches that end up being very accurate for both typing, as well as gaming. The general build quality, despite being all plastic, is honestly very good. Everything has a nice weight to it, and it honestly feels relatively luxurious. The form factor of these keyboards is also by far one of my favorite I've ever seen, sticking near 100% in a 12 inch form, factor.

My one complaint, though, is the software and drivers. I did purchase an RGB keyboard, meaning if I wanted to control the lighting, I needed the proprietary software. The software is, unfortunately, just not very good. As far as changing key layouts and even applying macros I think it works fine, and is self explanatory enough. But getting lighting to work, especially with 0 actual documentation or help, was a bit of a nightmare. Setting up your own lighting effects is even worse. After many attempts, studying the multitude of examples they provide, I still don't have the slightest idea on how to actually make these effects work. On top of that, despite the software launching on boot, you still need to open your task drawer and open the software window proper to get your lighting to come back on after a reboot. And since the keyboard does not integrate into any other lighting solution at all, I ended up just selecting solid white, and decided I might revisit the software in the future. It is a shame because it is possibly the only blemish on this otherwise amazing product. If you forgo the RGB variant, you can honestly just use the keyboard just fine without the software, even the knob works, as long as you do not want to change any layout settings or the knob function, and I might actually suggest that. I know they have at least a couple, but if there was a drive to make all of their RGB keyboards QMK, it might make the entire ecosystem at least slightly better. At the absolute minimum it allows for more services to potentially use/sync it, and has a lot of documentation and help online, something the skyloong software lacks.