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Dark Tale keycaps are Beautiful

If you like keycaps sets that are full of interesting novelties and art than you may want to consider these. The quality is pretty nice, I only wish the set included more spacebars for different layouts since it only has one. Overall though it's a really good set and has a cool spooky vibe to it. They look amazing on my keyboard and I'm very happy with them.

Excellent keyboard. 10/10

I've had the keyboard for three weeks and overall I'm very happy with it. Here's my review:


1. Great value, the keyboard is on-par with others that cost well over $200. The build quality is truly excellent. Everything sits flush and feels perfect. Money well spent.

2. This keycap set is beautiful and I like it so much that I’d use it on a different keyboard if I ever decide to swap them out of this one. There’s extra keycaps in the box, and there’s a dark replacement for every pink keycap. These keycaps are double-shot, thick, and the legends are crisp and centered. My only nag is that there’s no blue variant of the split spacebars, but there is a blue variant for the normal spacebar.

3. Switches and stabilizers come pre-lubed. The switches have a box design and they have very little wobble and are very smooth. I was really surprised with the quality of the switches and how well-lubed they were. They are comparable to Gateron Box Inks V2 in feel. I got the Glacier Silvers which actuate a little higher, much like the Gateron Optical Silver or Yellow. It’s nice having actuation comparable to optical keyboards on mechanical ones. These are a joy to type / game on.

4. The Split spacebar module has lubed stabilizers pre-installed, and comes with the required extra switches (also lubed) and is very easy to install. It sits flush with the rest of the board and feels normal.

5. It includes a black braided USB-C cable that is very firm. The keyboard allows you to route it so that it comes out the left, right, or center. It’s also used for charging if you use the keyboard wirelessly. On the back it also has legs to raise the angle of the keyboard. The legs are super firm and sturdy which was a pleasant surprise. You can adjust it to three different angles.

6. Bluetooth and wireless work really well. I used it for two days on wireless and the keyboard seems to sleep on its own to save battery. Can’t speak for battery life since I went back to USB after that.

7. The RGBs, despite being north-facing, are very bright and there’s lots of customization options. Probably the most extensive RGB customization available on any keyboard, though I’m not a fan of how difficult the software is to use when it comes to assigning RGB colors to specific keys. However, it does work.

8. Really kind and attentive customer support, reaching out via What’sApp message to provide assistance and confirm delivery in a very attentive way.

9. Super fast shipping. From China to US in about a week, delivered by USPS since DHL handed over the package to them for delivery.

10. Despite being plastic, it’s very firm, sturdy, has no flex, the legs are also firm, and absolutely everything is installed properly.


1. Has a soldered microphone for one sound-reactive lighting effect, as is custom with their keyboards. It can easily be snipped off without affecting any other functionality if that’s a privacy concern.

2. While the software is extremely useful and has robust customization options, it’s a little complicated to navigate and use, particularly when it comes to adjusting RGB effects. And sadly you can’t reassign the FN key in the software. The squares where you assign knob functions are super tiny and uncomfortable to work with, but they work. This keyboard doesn’t have traditional layers like some of their other keyboards do, but you have the FN layer and you can definitely take the Mac mode as another layer and fully customize it. In that sense, you can say it has two layers plus an FN layer on each of them.

3. Can only reassign keys and such over USB, not over wireless or Bluetooth. However, once the changes are applied, they are present in USB and wireless modes.

4. The knob / encoder breaks easily when pulling it. Thankfully they included a spare knob module in the box, which is great. I also ordered a spare dark-blue one so I’m fine. Sadly I think they should revise this design because it’s just too fragile when it comes to removing them from the board. So consider ordering a couple more knobs with the keyboard, or maybe leaving the one that came with the keyboard stay where it is. They do sell a knob that comes with the dark blue silicone piece, but somehow it wasn’t on the website. I talked to customer support and they told me they had it, so I was able to order another color and they swapped it out for the blue one. It’s almost indistinguishable from the rest of the black keyboard which is nice if you want the color of the silicone cover to not clash with a different keycap set.

5. The included switch puller has sharp edges, and can scratch the keyboard or cut you. Be careful or avoid it entirely.

6. The switches on the back of the keyboard that you use to change it into wireless or Mac mode feel very wobbly and give me the impression that they are very fragile. I hope they revise it in the future because I really don’t like how it feels.

It's... well, it's kind of nice.

This all comes from the perspective of someone who started in the Mac led design world formerly falling in love with low profile keyboards. 3 years ago I started straddling the fence with what was or9ignally planned as a hackintosh but I ended up just liking windows enough to switch. My Acer Predator laptop has pretty low profile keys and I started seeing more people jumping on the "mechanical keys train". I built this last week and as I type there is some kind of joy. Yes there is a bit of a learning curve but I looked forward to coming back to this keyboard. I'm still tweaking things with my 980 and still planning on somehow finding a way to scrub a video timeline with the knobs but the whole process has been fun for someone like me who is somewhere at the intersection of "techie"- but not too advanced.

Long story short, I really like this keyboard and my wife smiled the first time she tried it.

SKYLOONG GK75 Knob Keyboard - TiGrey (Optical)

Review Skyloong GK75

good keyboard, but customer service is the key you guy need to be more responsive reply to your customer, give them update. I had a wrong tracking number at the beginning and didn't know what happened to the package. I received a proper tracking number at the very end. I would give u a 5 Star if the service was better than what I said

Really good switches

I can recommend these Gateron Switches G Pro (brown), they have a shorter travel distance compared to other brands, which I like much better, plus they are astonishing quite for tactiles.

Just as ordered

No fuss, no muss, the split spacebar module slots right in to the GK96 I bought and works as advertised. Be careful of how much lube you put in to the middle key as one of the stabilizers' housing is right over the non-split spacebar key.


Does the keyboard have north or south facing LEDs? and what are the dimensions for the keboard?


always malfunctions tried already with email and the help but it always ends up malfunctioning

Crazy Kit - GK96 Layout
Confusing Journey, Good Product

Ordered the stabilizers and split spacebar module as well. Stabilizers were clipped in to the board and lubed where the wires clip in and to 'plug the butt.' Split spacebar module also had lubed stabilizers, though the module was in its own bag in the compartment of the box above the keyboard.

The keyboard itself was exactly as ordered: white steel plate, thin silicone layer with o-rings on the screws connecting the plate to the case. The PCB and plate are held together (with the silicone layer in between) by eight screws on the PCB without o-rings. The case foam is about 3.5mm thick with cut-outs for the battery and stand-offs.

The keyboard comes packaged in an off-white and blue box, which was wrapped in bubble-wrap that was in turn wrapped in a gray water-proof layer that was taped shut but torn in a few places. Took about 5 days from order placed to order shipped, and arrived 14 days later to central coast California. The trip itself was confusing to follow though, as I was given the wrong tracking number. Everything worked out though!

I had some confusion with the Bluetooth connectivity and the fn-keyboard shortcuts. Holding fn+1/2 puts your keyboard into pairing mode, but after pairing, you only need to tap fn+1/2. Switching between my Windows computer and my iPhone works with one tap of fn+1/2. I didn't figure that out until I read the manual closer (I personally prefer the manual linked in the Discord over the little one that came in the box) because the indicator light doesn't blink even when you press and hold. My computer tried connecting even though the keyboard was in pairing mode, and it just kept flickering between Paired and Connected without ever working.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a kit in the layouts they provide and who doesn't mind the more limited keymapping compared to QMK.
And if you don't want to install stabilizers, include them in your order and Skyloong will do it for you.


The sound and feel is great and I am enjoying them.

SKYLOONG GK75 Knob Keyboard - TiGrey (Mechanical & Hot-Swappable Knob)

An interesting adventure into a first keyboard.

While the build on the whole was entertaining and educational I find that the switches I have been using seem to be picky and I have to order a ner top row of switches, my guess is it's not the boards fault but user error or unfortunate luck. All this said the keyboard is nice and the key caps are nice my only grievance is the fact I was in aware of how many keys I would need when I first ordered the set that I ordered. I am largely pleased bit for a first keyboard it is a big learning experience.

Nice keyboard

Really premium keyboard. Thocky sound, I recommend it for everyone

Great keyboard kit!

I wanted to get a kit to use some of the extra switches and keycaps that I had and I have really enjoyed the kit from Skyloong. I didn't do any modding of the plate or the foam, as I was pretty satisfied with the set I had as is.


I haven't bought it yet, but I would like to know how much it measures, width and length...

Almost Perfect

Let me start this by saying this keyboard exceeded my expectations as soon as I took it out of the box. It’s weighty and the Glacier Rose switches are perfect for me, huge tactile bump without a click and they come out of the hotswap sockets super cleanly. The knobs are incredibly easy to pop in, you don’t even need to take the cover off. I did have one issue where the left shift stabilizer is a bit overlubed, so it sticks down sometimes, but that’s easy to fix. My biggest gripe with this board is the software.

The software is just on the verge of what I want from it. It has a ton of options, per key lighting, several different mappable layers, and macros. The biggest downside for me is that the knobs cannot be mapped to the Mouse Scroll Wheel. They CAN be mapped to scroll click, but I was hoping I could map it to the scroll wheel, as I wanted to be able to scrub the timeline in premiere with it. My other gripe is with the macros. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but they are far from consistent. I had a macro to rapid fire E presses and it only pressed maybe once every 2 seconds, but also kept pressing after I released the key (which is not the setting I set the macro to).

Overall, the keyboard is actually incredible, it’s amazing and I cannot recommend it enough. If you need knobs and incredible customization options on a budget, get this keyboard. You won’t regret it.

SKYLOONG GK75 "DARK TALE" Mechanical Knob Keyboard

good quality keyboard

very good budget keyboard

SKYLOONG Coral Sea GK61/68/84/96 Mechanical Keyboard


Excellent quality, even down to the power cord. The only complaint I have is I wish the power cord was a bit longer.

Also just a suggestion, when you get to choose the switch for your keyboard, put the switches full name. Ex: glacier silver switch, instead of just silver switch. It was mainly my fault for not reading the product specs, but I thought the keyboard just game with a silver switch, and if I wanted the glacier silver switch I needed to buy those switches separate. I realized after I got the keyboard that it came with the glacier silver switch.

Not a big deal, like I said, it was mainly my fault for not reading the specs, but I think that would eliminate any confusion for future customers.


I love the sound really good keyboard- long shipping tho but still great board

Awesome keyboard

The best keyboard for the price, nothing compared to other prebuilt ones, this is definitely better. Solid build and no defects in my unit.

Very good keyboard

I love the keyboard, it's a very good feel, with premium quality. One problem I have, is the app for the keyboard, it's quite confusing to customize the led and keybinds, however I am satisfied with the current colors you can change with the fn key.

Great keyboard

Arrived yesterday, after more than one month of waiting. The keyboard is awesome, especially in 2.4ghz mode. The sleep time is very aggressive, but the connection after waking is even faster, never lost a key press. Maybe only downsize the spacebar rattles quite a bit and need some more lube. The software is ok, a little bit hard to understand at first but it gets the job done.