Teclado Mecânico SKYLOONG
Teclado Mecânico SKYLOONG
Teclado Mecânico SKYLOONG
Teclado Mecânico SKYLOONG
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Teclado Mecânico SKYLOONG "JIUWEI"

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    Kevin Hitori

    SKYLOONG "JIUWEI" Mechanical Keyboard

    Matthew Thomas

    Excellent quality, even down to the power cord. The only complaint I have is I wish the power cord was a bit longer.

    Also just a suggestion, when you get to choose the switch for your keyboard, put the switches full name. Ex: glacier silver switch, instead of just silver switch. It was mainly my fault for not reading the product specs, but I thought the keyboard just game with a silver switch, and if I wanted the glacier silver switch I needed to buy those switches separate. I realized after I got the keyboard that it came with the glacier silver switch.

    Not a big deal, like I said, it was mainly my fault for not reading the specs, but I think that would eliminate any confusion for future customers.

    Works on Linux, Customisation is good, looks great, feels great.

    Basically the title. At first gk6x driver was wanky, I used one from arch repos (uses wine mono). For some reason driver configuration was disabled. I tried plugging in different port and windows computer and it started working now. Also, without watching videos it was kinda hard to figure out how it works. Lots of useful documentation on paper they sent but switching layers was most confusing. It can't find driver mode and FN+R was not enabling layout 3 at first, only windows/mac mode. It was fixed with driver configuration tool.

    Otherwise, look is very good, feel is very good ( I actually typed faster). and every aspect of it just amazed me. Thanks to creators


    The keyboard has good quality and everything arrived in good condition. The only problem im having is that the keyboard is not showing in the driver. So i cant customize the lights etc.

    João Smerecki
    very good

    I'm the guy who said the keyboard came wired, not bluetooth. However I was wrong, it's bluetooth, sorry.
    the keyboard is very beautiful and it's definitely one of the best I've ever had


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